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One of the specialties Horizon Engineering has is in CNC mill work - both short run prototype and longer production runs.  We complement the CNC work with the capability of shorter run manual mill and lathe jobs. 

Our production machinery includes Haas machinery. Our capacity is up to 50" of travel in the X and 20" in the Y.  Horizon Engineering can mount most large parts either directly to the table or between spaced vices.  The Haas is ideal for large aluminum parts utilizing its geared head 7,500 RPM spindle to cut large amounts of material efficiently.  Because of its many single button functions the Haas is easy and quick to set-up and use.

Along with the Haas Minimill in the lineup we have other complimentary CNC and manual machines to either bridge the gap in production or finish off parts in secondary operations.  In secondary operations and finishing we use vapor hone and vibratory machines to finish parts to medical and semiconductor application aesthetics.

For those quick jobs, Horizon Engineering can begin faster because it has an inventory of material in house. All materials are purchased with certifications and marked for efficient tracking throughout all processes.

HAAS VF 4 Machining Center
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