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• A proven process for cutting flat parts

• Any material can be cut except tempered glass

• Abrasive stream minimizes cut to 0.030" width

• Cutting head does not contact the material, just the stream

• No heat-affected zones to induce thermal stresses

• Can cut small holes, narrow slots, right angles, sharp internal corners and closely spaced patterns

• Small parts can be nested inside larger parts



Q: What materials can you cut?
A: Most any material used in the industry today can be accurately cut with abrasive water jet technology. Composites, hardened tool steel, aluminum, Inconel, stone, marble and glass (non-tempered) are to name a few.

Q: What is the maximum thickness a water jet can cut?
A: We can cut up to 2" thick stainless steel holding tolerances as close as .005".

Q: What is the maximum material size?
A: Our capability is up to 55" x 100".

Q: What is the cost per inch to have something water jet cut?
A: The cost per inch varies with material thickness and the cut finish desired. Quoting the exact shape in the material required assures the most accurate costs to our customers.

Q: How do I send a drawing for you to quote?
A: You can email us your drawing as an attachment. Drawings can be saved as an .IGES or .DXF file.

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